TOENTER management team went to Qingdao Zhenghe Company to visit and study

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TOENTER management team went to Qingdao Zhenghe Company to visit and study
TOENTER management team went to Qingdao Zhenghe Company to visit and study
Enterprise development is people-oriented, and the management team is the mainstay of the enterprise. TOENTER has always adhered to the "Strategy of Strengthening the Enterprise with Talents", and constantly provides employees with opportunities to broaden their horizons and learn to improve. On June 29, 2018, TOENTER general manager LIUYIN led the middle and senior management team to Qingdao Zhenghe Company to visit and study.
The TOENTER management team was carefully arranged, carefully explained and warmly received by Chen Lipeng, Vice President of Zhenghe Company and the leaders of related departments. They visited the Malan factory, motorcycle sprocket factory, engine factory, headquarters industrial chain, agricultural machinery chain and other production units and waste Confession wall, testing center, corporate culture hall, Zhenghe's vice president Chen Lipeng and related personnel discussed and shared the management system and landing mode of Zhenghe's leader culture and master culture. The Huaxi management team personally felt the charm of Zhenghe's "high-level cohesion, middle-level execution, and grass-roots combat effectiveness" and the positive spirit of the employees.

Qingdao Zhenghe Company is an outstanding representative of China's high-quality chain manufacturers and the main supplier of Huaxi Chain. The Huaxi management team will learn the advanced corporate management methods of Qingdao Zhenghe Company through a visit, and will do a worthwhile trip. Combining application, knowledge and action to further improve the overall management level!
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