Improving the East Wind through culture and deepening 6S site management

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Improving the East Wind through culture and deepening 6S site management
6S on-site management appraisal is one of the company’s "four major hands" in strengthening management. The results achieved since its implementation are obvious: employee literacy has been improved, working environment has been continuously improved, work efficiency and benefits have been further improved... these results can also be obtained from the company The results of previous assessments of on-site management are reflected in the following: from the original assessment of each time there are many questions, to the present problems; from the original average of more than 80 points to the current average of 90 points, it shows that our on-site management has achieved improvement. But it also breeds complacency and slack in some employees, which are mainly manifested in the recurrence of problems and performance from time to time. Although the problem is small, it reveals that our 6S site management needs to be strengthened, and there are still many areas that need to be improved and perfected. This time, the company upgraded the company’s corporate culture according to the needs of strategic development, combined with the new situation and new changes. On-site management is an integral part of the corporate culture. It is necessary to take advantage of this corporate culture upgrade to promote the company’s 6S on-site management. On the basis of consolidating the existing achievements, we will move towards in-depth and refined management.
First, we must strengthen publicity and education. In the daily inspection and evaluation, it is found that some employees, especially new hires, are not very clear about the company's 6S management content; they don’t understand the management requirements and implementation process; they don’t know how much 6S management should be. It shows that our publicity and education are not in place. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the daily publicity and learning of 6S management, make full use of pre-class meetings, board reports, etc., and combine the actual situation of each team to conduct extensive publicity and learning on the content and specific requirements of 6S management, and at the same time give key employees (new recruits) key positions Carry out targeted publicity and education to ensure that everyone in the company is clear and does not leave dead ends.
The second is to adjust and improve the content and evaluation methods of 6S management based on refined management. For items that have not been included in the 6S management before, such as the fixed management of tools, timely supplement and perfect; for the 6S management evaluation content is vague or unclear, it should be further clarified and clear. Strive to make the content of 6S on-site management appraisal so that employees can understand at a glance and know how to do it and to what extent.
6S management is an important starting point for on-site management. It is not and should not be regarded as pure face-saving work. I believe that through this cultural upgrade and the joint efforts of the company, the deep value of 6S on-site management will definitely bloom .
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