Common problems and analysis of 2013 rice transplanter (2)

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11. Separating the needle to touch the door Cause: The door is misplaced; the planting arm is improperly installed; the inner hole of the planting arm crank is worn; the needle is upturned; the amount of the picking is too large; the tilting of the swinging shaft or the lower hole is worn.
Remedy: Reset and fix the card; adjust the planting arm to the correct position; replace the worn crank or chain shaft; correct or replace the separating needle; replace the pendulum or pendulum shaft and bearing;

12. A group of planting arms does not work Cause: The chain box drive shaft is broken; the chain is out of stock or broken.
Remedy: Attach the chain; replace the drive shaft.

13. Box slamming Cause: The slider or chute is worn; the fixing bolts at both ends of the slamming door are loose; the slamming door is deformed; the lifting handle is too high; the squeezing roller is rusted;
Remedy: first replace the roller and screw, then check the slider chute. If it is seriously worn, it should be replaced; correct the door fixing screw; if the door fixing is worn, add a rectangular gasket; when the lifting is too high, use The driver picks up the front end and installs a new buffer block.

14. The box does not work Cause: The pin or the screw shaft is worn; the sliding sleeve fixing bolt is missing.
Remedy: Open the working gearbox cover and replace the finger pin or screw shaft; if the sliding sleeve fixing bolt is missing, reinstall it.

15. Send the squat and lift the back end too high Cause: The rubber buffer block is missing or damaged.
Remedy: Lift the front end with a screwdriver and install a new buffer block.

16. The pinion shaft does not turn. Cause: The pinch of the ratchet wheel is off; the ratchet notch is worn; the pawl or torsion spring is off; the pinion shaft is axially tilted.
Remedy: First check if the ratchet, pawl and torsion spring are intact. If it is damaged or falling off, it should be replaced; then push the sending screw. If the ratchet rotates, the shaft will not rotate, indicating that the wire pin is off and the wire is pinned. complex.

17. The working angle of the sending shaft is small. Cause: The peach-shaped wheel and the feeding cam are seriously worn.
Remedy: Open the working gearbox cover and replace the new one.

18, the delivery shaft does not work Cause: The peach-shaped wheel positioning key is damaged or missing; the peach-shaped wheel and the delivery cam are stuck; the delivery cam wire pin is broken or missing.
Remedy: If the two-wheel phase card is used, it is caused by the wear of the scorpion and the peach-shaped wheel. The squeezing cam or the peach-shaped wheel can be removed, and the working surface is smoothed by a trowel, and the severe wear should be replaced; If the key or pin is damaged, replace it with a new one.

19. Intermittent operation of the sending shaft Cause: The elastic force of the peach-shaped wheel return spring or the feeding cam return spring is weak, so that the peach-shaped wheel or the feeding cam cannot be returned.
Remedy: Open the working gearbox cover, remove the two return springs, and replace the new return spring.

20. The positioning clutch handle is stuck. Cause: After the separation cam wears, it is stuck with the adjustment nut.
Remedy: Remove the separation cam and grind the cam working surface into a smooth curved surface with a grinding wheel or trowel.

21. The main clutch is not completely separated. Cause: The friction plate is stuck with the pulley; the positioning screw is loose, causing the clutch pin to fall off; the clutch pin is seriously worn.
Remedy: Remove the pulley assembly, disengage the bonded part, sand the friction surface of the friction plate with sandpaper, replace the clutch pin; tighten the set screw.

22. The positioning clutch is not completely separated. Reason: The adjusting nut is improperly adjusted; the separating pin and the adjusting nut are buckled; the positioning convex edge of the clutching teeth is worn; the tension spring is broken (using the positioning clutch of the shifting fork). Inspection method: first open the positioning separation cover, check whether the adjusting nut is in the correct position, adjust whether the nut and the separating pin are slippery, and whether the tension spring is broken. If there is no problem, remove the PTO shaft assembly and check the technical status of the cam.
Remedy: Adjust the adjusting nut to the correct position; the separating pin or adjusting nut sliding buckle should be replaced; replace the tension spring; if the positioning convex edge wears, the separation tooth engagement surface can be ground about 0.5mm; severe wear should be replaced.
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