What are the types of rice transplanters in 2013?

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The rice transplanter is divided into a washing seedling type, a soil seedling type and a dual-purpose type according to the state of adapting the seedlings. According to the power, it is divided into two types: manual rice transplanter and motorized rice transplanter. The human transplanter adopts the intermittent transplanting method, and the transplanting operation is performed in the machine stop state. After the transplanting operation is finished, the hand pull machine moves a plant spacing and performs the transplanting operation again. The motorized rice transplanter adopts the continuous rice transplanting method to complete the branching and transplanting movements during the running of the machine. The motorized rice transplanter is also divided into self-propelled, self-propelled and tractor-mounted. According to the movement characteristics of the tiller and the transplanting mechanism, it can be divided into a longitudinal split scroll in-line type, a longitudinal split swing in-line type, and a transverse split swing in-line type. Rolling in-line and swinging in-line means that the pick-up rods are driven by a circular motion and a reciprocating mechanism respectively, and the splitting and inserting operations are performed under the control of the track control mechanism, and the pick-up device is inserted in the insertion section. The trajectory is close to the ground, making the formed jack smaller, and the seedlings are upright and stable. Rolling in and out is only used for motorized rice transplanters.
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