How much is the correct maintenance of the 2013 rice transplanter?

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The use of any machine is inseparable from proper maintenance, and the rice transplanter is no exception! Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to analyze how to properly maintain:

(1) Before the quarterly transplanting, the whole machine of the rice transplanter should be thoroughly inspected and repaired. According to the instruction manual, the fueling place must be refueled;

(2) Before use, the technical status of each part of the machine must be checked. If there is any abnormality, it must be adjusted, and the oil is added to each rotating part and the relative movement matching part;

(3) During the operation process, always pay attention to the technical state of the machine, the resistance is large, the quality of the transplanting is reduced or the work of each part is not normal. The machine should be stopped for inspection, and the cause should be checked and repaired. Every 4-6 hours of work, oil lubrication should be applied to each rotating part as required;

(4) After the end of each day, the machine should be cleaned and checked for damage, deformation, looseness of the screws, and oil injection.

(5) When walking on land, avoid collisions to prevent broken needles, shackles and other components from being damaged or deformed;

(6) After the quarterly operation is completed, the machine should be washed and dried, oiled and rustproofed, and stored in a dry place indoors. Do not store debris on the machine to avoid deformation or damage.

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